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Design and Usability 9/10

One of the main advantages of Zalo’s design among other similar apps is that it is simple in understanding. The color palette consists mainly of two colors, blue and white. Some of us may tell you that the design could be less plain and more detailed. The interface is amazingly responsive to your actions. There is nothing complicated in the navigation of the app. If you don’t like what you see, adjust settings according to your preferences or reorganize list of contacts.

Zalo was made to work even on older mobile phones. It can provide its services almost everywhere as well. After you download the app you will notice that it is not demanding at all.

Key Functions 9/10

Zalo is a well-known app across the world. It offers its services almost everywhere, which means it must take into account various models of mobile phones and the quality of the Internet connection. To make the app competitive, developers created Zalo with a huge tolerance towards poor Internet connection and old phones. However, it still needs a 3G connection.

You can send and receive notifications to and from your friends. If your friend is absent and you want to reach him/her, leave the text or voice message. The voice message is easy to record and can be sent in a few seconds.

You are able to make video or audio calls. The quality of the video depends on the quality of the internet connection. If it falls, you receive a grainy image. However, it still continues to work, even in a poor resolution.

Don’t forget about your ability to create group chats there. If you are out of the words, pick stickers or emojis, which are standard and a little bit limited in options, but still can help you to show emotions. There is also synchronization with the Facebook social network. You can exchange messages with your friends there.

Security 10/10

The app guarantees an increased level of privacy. Developers offer the security of your personal information. They keep all your personal data encrypted. The app implements encryption algorithms to make your conversation private.

User Base: How Big Is It?

There are over 50 million users of Zalo app across the world. They prefer to trust their conversations with this app. Zalo continue to expand its influence. It is extremely popular in Asia, mainly because of its ability to work on a wide range of mobile phones and handle group chats. The app is free, but it also offers some paid content, including more stickers and emojis. Zalo has to compete with such giants as Telegram and WhatsApp. To do this, it must provide some unique features. Besides the better quality of video and audio calls on old devices, it offers an increased level of security for your conversations.

Why Do We Recommend This App?

Zalo app focuses on simplicity in navigation and compatibility with other apps and devices. It is considered to be an economical option for people who can’t afford top models of smartphones. The app handles the tough competition with dignity and attracts the attention of new users every day. This messenger may be humble, but reliable.

Design and Usability 9

Key Functions 9

Security 10

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