YuppTV - LiveTV Movies Shows

YuppTV - LiveTV Movies Shows
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YuppTV - LiveTV Movies Shows review

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YuppTV - LiveTV Movies Shows review

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Design and Usability – 8/10

If you are hooked to Indian television channels, you should definitely install YuppTV Android app on your smartphone. The app offers one of the largest and exclusive collections of Indian television shows for the online viewing purpose. As it basically deals with videos, the app is designed in a way to enhance video watching experience. 

As entertainment is an unavoidable aspect of everyone’s life, YuppTV aims at simplifying the same for a section of the society. The Indian users can access more than 200 Indian TV channels in almost all the genres. These TV channels are available in around 10 languages. 

Key Functions – 8/10

As mentioned earlier, the users are aware of the basic functionality of this Android app. You can install this app to access Indian TV channels, both for live coverage and recorded shows. There are over 200 channels available on the online TV platform. These include Star Plus, NDTV India, MTV India, Zee TV, Sky Sports, and others. 

These TV channels broadcasts show in various genres such as movies, sports, music, drama, romance, comedy, spiritual, and much more. Further, there are TV channels available in different Indian languages such as Bangla, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Marathi, and others.  

You can search for the channels based on two parameters- trending and channels. While trending tab displays channels with the most number of viewers at the moment, channels tab simply displays all the channels. 

In case you missed any program, you can access it anytime at your convenience. The only condition is that the programs broadcasted in the last seven days are available, and not others. 

Security – 8/10

There are no security risks associated with YuppTV app as such. When you create an account on the app, you have to furnish personal information such as email address, mobile number, and so on. All your data is safe and secure against theft and misuse. 

When you install the app, it asks for certain permissions pertaining to contacts, location, phone media, and so on. The information is used to enhance the user experience, as claimed by most of the applications. When connected to WiFi networks, ensure the authority of the network to avoid any security breach. 

User Base: how big is it?

Since Indians are widespread around the world, YuppTV finds extensive utility amongst masses. There are numerous users who like to experience Indian entertainment channels. Hence, this Android app is quite popular amongst users. 

The total number of installs fluctuates between 10 million and 50 million. This clearly depicts the popularity of this online television platform. More than 150,000 positive reviews indicate the affection of users towards this application. As the app is available for free of cost, users don’t think twice before installing it. 

Why do we recommend this app? 

We highly recommend this app because it offers a variety of Indian channels on the platform. Further, these channels are available in different languages and across various genres. These aspects promote the utility of this app.

The users have the discretion to pause and rewind live shows, thereby, providing flexibility to the users with respect to time. 

As it is compatible with Android 4.0 and above it will function seamlessly in all the smartphones, provided you are connected to a high-speed internet connection. The app is available for free of cost, but yes, you will notice display advertisements during usage. 

Design and Usability 8

Key Functions 8

Security 8

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