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TomTom MyDrive review

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Design and Usability 7/10

Since TomTom My Drive is the app that simplifies the choice of the route, its design is one of the most important topics. The app has an amazing PND user interface, which makes the navigation simpler.  However, if you want to change settings and alerts, you will have to work with the not really obvious menu. It is located behind the route map, so you will have to tap on it, so Menu will be released. Settings are located at the bottom of the menu, so you will need to scroll down it. You will find Alerts there. You can disable any alert you don’t need or add a new one. This app uses a similar interface with GO TomTom’s navigation app, so if you are already familiar with it, you will know how to use this one as well.

Key Functions 9/10

TomTom app offers a few nice functions that may save your time:

  • You receive information about traffic congestion in real time. The app will also suggest other possible routes;
  • The app makes reports on the condition of routes and traffic business;
  • The app syncs with your sat-nav. It sends coordinates. You have to set the destination via your phone contacts, tap the place on the map or you can just type it in the app. TomTom will send it to the sat-nav and help you with choosing the best route;
  • The app calculates how much time do you need to arrive on time, and will send you an alert once you need to go;
  • The app is free and compatible with third-party apps;
  • There are offline maps that you can view once you out of Internet connection. The app still requires a strong Internet connection for its work, but if you are offline, you can still use some of the maps;
  • You can use the map in the app to save your most popular destinations, like home, office, pizzeria, and so on.

Security 9/10

Developers of TomTom assure that it is one of the safest apps on the route. All the information that you share with the app does not go anywhere. It is needed only to find the best route option.  The policy of confidentiality protects customers.

User Base: How big is it?

The app became quickly popular among drivers. The app provides services in over 110 countries across the world. It has licensed global maps for better use and recognition of the most used languages. It is considered to be one of the most popular map apps after Google Maps and Apple Maps. Besides free subscription to its services, there is a premium offer as well. You can choose extended options or use basic features, proposed by TomTom app.

Why Do We Recommend This App?

The app provides you with the best options for your travel. It gathers and calculates the information about every possible route for your use. And while there is no obvious explanation of why developers decided to hide Menu behind the map, once it is clear, you can quickly learn how to use settings.

Design and Usability 7

Key Functions 9

Security 9

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