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Snapchat review

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Design and Usability 9/10

Snapchat is the app that works on your photos and videos. It is really important to have colorful and advanced designed for the app. It is made in Snapchat colors to make it immediately recognizable among other social media services. The interface is really intuitive. Once you have learned basics, you will be able to create your story in no time. In the story section, you can also read posts by your favorite magazines or companies. However, since the app is free, be ready to see different ads among stories.

Key Functions 9 /10

It is hard to believe that some people do not know about Snapchat. It seems that the whole world is using it. Snapchat video may not have all these  editing options like Instagram or Vine, but you can still find lots of useful features for you:

  • Take a Snap, run it through numerous filters, share with others. You can send it to your friends or reveal it to the world;
  • Snapchat app syncs with your camera on the phone, so you don’t need to go and open it. Make a photo and share it right away;
  • The app is constantly evolving. It adds new Filters and cool Lenses almost every day. You can change your face, add some movement to your photos, or vomit a rainbow with unicorn lenses;
  • You can talk to your friends tet-a-tet or in common chat. There is an option for live messaging. Besides, you are able to chat in group stories as well. And don’t forget that you can arrange a video chat with your pals. Invite up to 16 people to chat with you and use the most creative lenses while you are talking to them;
  • Follow the Stories of your friends, like them, comment on them. This way you will always know what is your friends’ minds;
  • There are community Stories, shows and news for Snapchat users. If you want to get updates on world events, sign up for the news and follow them.

Security 8/10

Snapchat is a popular and well-known free app. Like other popular social media apps, it faces problems with security constantly. Some of them were brought by the policy of Snapchat itself that kept deleted photos on its servers. However, Snapchat managed to fix major problems with security and gained back the trust of its users. Anyway, you still recommended using For My Eyes Only feature to mark your personal images if you want to hide them from other people.

User Base: How Big Is It?

According to the latest statistics, over 300 million people use Snapchat actively every month. There are over 180 million daily users. Snapchat developers work hard to increase these numbers. They add new filters and lenses, work on extended security options.

Why Do We Recommend This App?

Snapchat is free, easy to use and enjoyable service. It offers you an alternative way to communicate with your friends and the rest of the world. You can share your photos, decorate them with emojis, filters, and lenses. Record videos and talk to other people. It is all about having fun, after all.

Design and Usability 9

Key Functions 9

Security 8

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