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Signal Private Messenger review

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Design and Usability – 9/10

People are often worried about their privacy while using online mediums for communication purposes. Signal Private Messenger app aims to provide an encrypted medium for private communication purpose without any possibility of a data breach. You can initiate private P2P chats or group chats, send all type of files and documents, make voice and video calls, and much more. 

Talking about the design, we think minimalism is the new trend now. This is evident from the design of Signal messaging app. The priority of developers is to enhance the features and functioning. Instead of opting for the flashy interface, we can witness sophisticated designs that look elegant and classy.

Key Functions – 9/10

The developers are crystal clear about their priorities. They are adamant about delivering secure medium for communication so that users don’t experience any data theft and misuse. Further, private messaging is preferred by the users to maintain privacy. And if in this situation, Signal meets their requirements, they will be hooked on to it forever. 

The developers have integrated end-to-end encryption protocol in the app. This means whenever you send a message on Signal, it cannot be decoded anywhere in between. When it is received by the recipient, it will be decoded there itself. Thus, your messages are protected against spying and theft in the transit stage. 

Since it is an open source application, you can modify the security levels as per your discretion. Further, you are not liable to furnish any personal details except your phone number to register on Signal. You can create groups, make voice calls, video calls, send files and documents; all this without compromising with your privacy.

Security – 9/10

Signal is a free and open source application. It further gives flexibility to the users to adjust security settings as per their requirements. A coder or a developer can easily audit and modify the code to alter the security aspects of the app. Signal is the only app that incorporates open source peer-reviewed cryptographic protocol. 

Integration of encrypted protocol prevents data theft as no one can view and modify the messages when they are in the transit between servers. So you can send confidential information or secret messages without any worries. 

User Base: how big is it?

Since users are scouting for the right Android app that can impart required security standards, Signal strikes the right chord with its secure algorithm and hence, it is building up an impressive user base very quickly. So far, there have been more than 5 million gets. If we consider ratings, more than 150,000 users consider Signal as the most viable app for secure communication purposes. 

Further, the robust and intelligent algorithm promotes the swift transfer of messages, even in a low-speed internet environment. Since communication is not affected, people prefer using Signals over other apps. 

Why do we recommend this app?

As no app is adopting such stringent security measure right now, except Signal Android app, we consider that this app deserves a chance. Although there are tough contenders in the category, Signal holds the potential to compete with all its might by offering appropriate functions and features. In addition to messaging, you can send documents or make video calls. 

Further, there are no in-app purchases in the app. The app is available for free of cost. It is compatible with Android 4.0 and above. The open source mechanism gives an opportunity to users to apply modifications as per their choice. 

Design and Usability 9

Key Functions 9

Security 9

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