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Psiphon Pro review

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Design and Usability 10/10

The Psiphon Pro app has been elegantly designed, with a neat and tidy interface appealing the users to a great extent. A user doesn’t find the clutter of any sort on the interface and can locate the features easily. The app allows its users to gain access to even the restricted websites and link.

Those looking forward to establishing a secure tunnel, the app offers its users options for that as well. The app is a preferred choice of the users who wish to access a restricted URL via the fastest server available. There are others who use Psiphon Pro app for its no bandwidth restrictions. 

Key Functions 10/10

There is a myriad of options, features, as well as, functionalities that this app offers to its users. With its VPN functionality, the app uses the most robust circumvention technology which allows you to access the restricted websites easily and seamlessly.

Further, with its same feature, one can access even the blocked content anytime and anywhere in the world.

The Psiphon Pro app is also known for its global network connectivity that boasts of thousands of fast servers. Thus, with these diverse entry points, one can stay connected to the World Wide Web all the time. Having mentioned that, the app is not just about a wider selection of protocols. With its ‘stats’ function, you can find out your usage of the server.

The app also offers a plenty of configuration options that help you in making your own VPN with customized proxy settings.

On the whole, this open-source app comes packed with many essential features that always keep you live and in touch with your favorite websites that have been banned in your region.

Security 9/10

Many believe that VPN is not a safe way to access the restricted web portals as it invites various malicious elements to the device and compromises its data and privacy. However, this is not true, especially in the case of Psiphon Pro. By its nature, this app shields your device and data as you access a Wi-Fi. It does so by creating a secure and private bridge between you the internet.

All in all, with Psiphon Pro on your phone, you are assured of cent percent safety of your device and data stored on it.

User Base: How Big Is It?

The app is such a convenience to use as it does not ask for any fee or registration process. Owing to such a quick and hassle-free setup fused with the availability of a plethora of features, the app has been geted by more than 10 million people across the world.

There are many regions and geographic locations in the world which restrict the access to many websites and online content. In such a case, this app is no less than a lender to the last resort to access those sites and web portals. And the same can be seen by the number of gets that the app has.

Why Do We Recommend This App?

If you are facing a trouble in accessing your favorite web portals or they have been banned in your region, the Psiphon Pro app is here to unblock all the restrictions for you. Other than helping you in bypassing a ban, the app has many other features that help you stay connected to the internet for as long as you want.

The app is cent percent secured. Thus, whether you are geting and installing it or accessing a VPN through it, your device and data both are safe with the app. We also recommend this app, as we believe that it is packed with all the necessary features that help you access everything on the Internet.

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 10

Security 9

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