Opera Mini - fast web browser

Opera Mini - fast web browser
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Opera Mini - fast web browser review

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Design and Usability 9/10

Fascinating – that’s the one word that describes the interface and design of the Opera Mini app. The red and white color blend on the app’s interface is appealing, and the strategic placement of the options and features ensure there is no clutter at all. Also, the usability of the app is not limited to browsing the web.

One can use the app to read news, shop, bookmark their favorite websites and to undertake much more. The app is also utilized for its ‘auto-scan’ feature which helps in geting the multimedia from the web pages easily. It also syncs all your settings, bookmark and other data with other devices seamlessly. 

Key Functions 9/10

The Opera Mini is one of the most preferred web browsers owing to its large number of features, options, and functionalities. With this app on your phone, you can keep an eye on the phone data pack. Other than monitoring your data, Opera Mini also allows you to save it with its ‘High’ and ‘Extreme’ surfing modes.

Do the unwanted ads and pops-up annoy you? Well, they won’t bother you anymore if you surf the internet with the help of Opera Mini. There is a powerful ‘Ad Blocker’ integrated into the app which keeps at bay any sort of ads or malicious elements.

The video get is another fantastic function of the app. With its help, you can store the online videos directly on your device and can stream the same afterward. This is a helpful tool to get videos from the social media websites. 

Smart get, private browsing, etc. are other great functions of the app that enhance the web browsing experience for the users.

Security 10/10

It is crucial for a web browser to be secured and safe as users undertake many confidential and financial transactions online. Opera Mini browser is cent percent reliable and known for its secured nature. One can browse the web without having to worry about malware or spyware sneaking their way to their devices.

To further strengthen the defense mechanism of the app has been integrated with a powerful ad blocker that keeps virus-packed ads and pops far away.

User Base: How Big Is It? 

The web browsers are mostly known for their big size and gigantic updates. However, as the name suggests, the Opera Mini is known for its lite size and a powerful performance. Due to the same, the app has a user base that is brimming with more than 100 million users worldwide.

The app is trustworthy and ensures that the credentials, as well as, the privacy of the users remain intact on the security front. Thus, considering all these factors and features, the Opera Mini app has a fan following that is huge and growing at a high rate every single day.

Why Do We Recommend This App?

Opera Mini is an outstanding web browser known for its amazing performance and lite size. The team behind the app comes with frequent updates to enhance the security and elevate the web browsing experience by several notches.

Apart from being secured, the app endeavors to save tons of your data with its different browsing modes. We also recommend this app due to some its innovative and smart features such as smart get, speed website dial, etc. On the whole, install Opera Mini to experience a fast web browsing experience.

Design and Usability 9

Key Functions 9

Security 10

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Opera Mini - fast web browser Opera Mini - fast web browser
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