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New VPN Master Free Review review

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Design and Usability – 8/10

If you plan to veil your identity and browse anonymously, you should install New VPN Master Free Review APK on your smartphone. This Android app disguises your IP address so that no one can sneak upon your browsing history. Further, the secure VPN prevents any security breach as well. Hence, your private and confidential information is safe and secure. 

VPN Master app interface has been designed in a way to impart a simplified navigational experience. The user will not digress when operating the app. Both the beginners and the experts will be able to perform functions without any glitches. The intuitive interface promotes lag-free performance. 

Key Functions – 8/10

If you are worried about your browsing details getting leaked or you want to incorporate all the precautions while connected to a public hotspot zone, you should definitely use New VPN Master Free app on your smartphone. You can browse your favorite social media sites, or you can carry on with your professional work in a secure zone without any worries about the security breach. 

The VPN assists you in disguising your web identity, i.e., your IP address. Therefore, the hackers or any other person cannot track your address. The unlimited bandwidth promotes lag-free performance without any delay. You don’t need to wait for minutes for the website to pop up on your mobile screen. The unlimited bandwidth enables websites to open with a blink of an eye. 

There are certain blocked websites that are not accessible in specific regions. But with VPN Master Free app, you can browse blocked websites without a problem. Further, the app supports VPNs in various countries including USA, Canada, Europe, and other countries. 

Security – 9/10 

The sole aim of VPN Master Free app is to create a suitable secured environment for the users. The app promotes browsing and navigation in a controlled environment where no one can monitor your web activities. The data encryptions, disguised IP address, and secure WiFi network keeps unsocial elements from gaining access to your browsing history. 

Before initiating the get, the VPN Master Free app will ask for permissions to access your personal information, your identity, and other functions on your smartphone.

User Base: how big is it? 

As there are users who wish to browse anonymously, VPN Master Free app serves their purpose in the most suitable manner. As there are multiple server networks in different countries, the user base is well-established all around the globe. Further, enhanced security measures ensure that the confidentiality of the user will not be compromised.

These factors promote extensive usage of VPN Master Free app. The users have left awesome reviews with respect to the functioning of this VPN Android app.

Why do we recommend this app?

As per our analysis, VPN Master Free app performed exceptionally well. It is successful in hiding your identity and IP address details while browsing through the websites. We analyzed some of the blocked websites on this app, and it delivered as per expectations.

Since it has a widespread presence across the globe; it is highly recommended for the users. 
As you operate anonymously, no private information is asked to create an account. Specific features of this app are available after paying the premium. You can make in-app purchases as per your requirements. 

Design and Usability 8

Key Functions 8

Security 9

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