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MobileVOIP Cheap Voip Calls review

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Joscelyn Kate

MobileVOIP Cheap Voip Calls review

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Design and Usability – 8/10

MobileVOIP Cheap International Calls is an Android app that acts as VOIP dialer for making calls over an internet connection. Since the utility of the app is just concerned with VOIP calls, the developers have ensured that they keep the interface as lucid as possible. This is beneficial as users can operate the app without any difficulty. 

Talking about usability, everyone should consider installing it if you want to have endless conversations without spending a fortune. For international calls, MobileVOIP is undoubtedly the best interface. It supports more than 60 VOIP service providers that offer international calling services at affordable prices. 

Key Functions – 8/10

The most evident function of MobileVOIP app is to initiate national and international calls around the globe, covering almost all the countries. Since it utilizes internet connection for calling purposes, the costs are drastically reduced. However, the call quality is considerably dependent on the internet connection. If it’s a high-speed internet connection, the voice calls will be seamless otherwise, you can experience interference.   

Further, you can also send messages using MobileVOIP Android app. The message cost will be minimal or it will be free of cost. Basically, it depends on the service provider. 

The other fascinating function is the mobile top-up option. Wherever you are in the world, you can recharge mobile phone balance without any glitches. Just select the contact from your contacts list, and utilize ‘Mobile Top Up’ function to accomplish the job. You can also use VOIP credit to transfer Airtime to any location around the globe. 

Security – 9/10

When you install MobileVOIP on your smartphone, it requires permissions from the user for accessing certain information and functions such as contacts, WiFi settings, etc. Therefore, consider a thorough reading before allowing mobile app to access the information. 

Further, all VOIP calls made via MobileVOIP are secured with encryption. The VOIP service providers ensure that their customers do not experience privacy breach. 

However, take precautions while accessing public internet networks such as hotspot zones because you can experience internet security breach. Use encrypted settings while connecting to public hotspot to ensure security. 

User Base: how big is it?

MobileVOIP is a trusted mobile app for most of the users around the world, especially amongst travelers as they rely on such services for pocket-friendly communication services. Talking about the installs, the figure lies between 5 million and 10 million. There are approximately 50,000 reviews, and most them hint at the splendid functionality of MobileVOIP app. 

The main reason for the app popularity is compatibility with most of the VOIP service providers and sole focus on calling & messaging functionality. 

Why do we recommend this app?

Who doesn’t like to save money? So if you are one of those who is constantly conversing over mobile phones, you should definitely install MobileVOIP app on your smartphone. Further, for travelers and for making international calls, this app is the most convenient and reliable option. 

The minimal design and user-oriented functioning aim at enhancing user experience. As MobileVOIP is meant for solely communication purposes, you can accomplish this job with ease. 
Further, it supports major VOIP service providers such as FreeVoipDeal, VoipWise, Frynga, VoipGain, DialCheap, etc. It is compatible with major operating systems such as Android, Symbian, iOS, Windows, and others. 

Design and Usability 8

Key Functions 8

Security 9

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