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imo free video calls and chat review

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Design and Usability 8/10

The imo free video calls and chat application boasts of an elegant and neat interface without any sort of clutter. It is lite and easy to operate, and the same lite nature ensures that the phone doesn’t lag while you work with this app.

With only two panels (chats and contacts) on the interface, you get into the chat or voice/video call immediately. In terms of usability, the app offers a plethora of features. One can use it to establish voice/video calls with their near and dear ones as well as professional acquaintances. Other than calls, one can even chat, undertake a conference call, and also share multimedia files seamlessly.

Key Functions 7/10

imo app is known for its hassle-free installation and setup. One of the integral functions of the application includes scanning of the phone contacts and listing those who are already registered on imo. Once the contact list is in front of the users, they can select those who they want to have a video or voice call with.

In fact, the app also allows them to select multiple contacts and have a conference video/voice call with them easily. 

Another fantastic function of the imo app is sharing and transferring files with the contracts. Whether you are in a conversation with a single friend or you are on a conference call, you can quickly send and receive the multimedia files.

Sending stickers to friends on chat is another amusing functionality of the application. It aids to a great extent in enhancing the chatting experience. Also, with the app, you can send an invite and ask your friends to join imo.

Security 10/10

The team of has undertaken stringent steps to ensure the data privacy and data security of the users. Thus, it can be said that breaking into the imo app and engaging data theft is a hard nut to crack or practically impossible.

Also, during installation, you can be assured of no malicious element that can harm your phone or other data stored on it. On the whole, imo is a trusted and secured app that lets you connect with your near and dear ones without any loss of data or information.

User Base: How Big Is It?

Owing to some of the great features and functions of the app, it has been geted more than 100 million times worldwide. Having mentioned that, the number is still counting as the team behind imo is optimizing it with more frequent updates. The lite nature, small size and seamless operation of this application attract thousands on a daily basis to install it on their devices, thus, expanding the user base at a mind-boggling rate.

Why Do We Recommend This App?

Undoubtedly, there are oodles of messaging there out in the world of apps. However, imo is one such app from this niche that has successfully positioned itself as one of the best providers of premium quality video/voice call services.

Apart from a plenty of features and functions, the team behind this app comes with frequent updates so as to enhance the interactive experience for the users. Its compatibility with many Android and iOS devices further makes this app our favorite and a preferred choice of many looking for a lite way to connect with their personal and professional contacts.

Design and Usability 8

Key Functions 7

Security 10

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