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Hello Neighbor
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Hello Neighbor review

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Hello Neighbor is one of the most famous stealth games of the late 2010s, with puzzles hard to imagine, visuals of a campfire tale, and interest like it is real. This game tells the story of a little boy who suddenly saw his neighbor doing something strange and violent to someone, then breaking into crying. The boy tries to enter his house to investigate. But the neighbor appreciates his own privacy more than an insolent boy’s life.

Graphics and Sound - 7/10

The story of the Neighbor is shown through the eye of a little boy. So everything is a bit exaggerated, with no attention to slight details and lots to those that matter. If the neighbor is terrible, he is terrifying. If the house is strange, it’s very strange, with things inside no normal owner would allow. Formally, it’s a 3D FPS adventure; so connect your best speakers or headphones to hear the neighbor approach in time.

Gameplay - 6/10

The story begins when your young characters want to enter his neighbor’s house. Who was it that the neighbor was beating? And why was he so broken after? This story leads you to the basement, but it’s not enough to find a way in. You will also need to go out.
As you roam the house, the neighbor hears you and sets off hunting. Any encounter would mean you lose. So you better hide when you hear the footsteps. And watch your step if you went the same way recently: there may be traps.

The puzzles you must solve in this game are completely illogical. It’s hard to imagine that you need to bring cold from the fridge in a ball to freeze the water or do some tricks with fans and switch on top to steal the key. Logic doesn’t work; the crowd solution is the answer. But it also tickles your imagination; that’s why this game fosters so many fanfics and hypotheses.

Controls - 9/10

It’s a first-person adventure, with quite a traditional set of control for FP games. The joystick that moves you is in the left lower corner. The right part of the screen is the area that lets you move the camera. There are also buttons for interacting with items, or some hot buttons for the items you hold in your inventory.

Lasting Appeal - 6/10

These puzzle-based survivals are usually single-use games because it’s no fun to solve a puzzle you have already solved. Still, Hello Neighbor’s replayability is of a different sort. It has inspired the community to create derivative art pieces, from pictures and portraits to full-fledged fanfic stories. So you may replay it to dig in for details, or just to feel the immersion to stimulate the inspiration.

Difficulty Level

It’s not difficult in terms of mechanical gameplay. But there are two factors that make some of its episodes real ordeals. First, the game is AI-based, and this AI learns from previous games. For example, if the last time you went in through the front door, the next time the neighbor will be there, himself or as a trap, he has set. Second, the developers recreated the sickest fantasy of the inhabitant (or of the kid himself?), so the house is full of illogical constructions.


It’s hard now to rate Hello Neighbor as just a game, without all that hype and fan activity is raised. But if you haven’t played it, you won’t regret, even if you get stuck early. The community has all it takes to help you out.

Graphics and Sound 7

Controls 9

Gameplay 6

Lasting Appeal 6

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