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Hangouts review

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Design and Usability 9/10

Hangouts is one such app that has the simplest-designed interface. Be it the contacts, status, settings or invites, everything has been placed strategically to ensure that the users do not have a hard time looking for these essential features. The app has a green theme which soothes and appeals the eyes.

The app also offers a plenty of applications to the users. For instance, with Hangouts, one can chat with the registered users, create a group with them for a group chat, voice call or video call. With this app on your device, you can even send your location, multimedia files, and stickers during the chat.

Key Functions 10/10

There is a slew of features and functionalities that come with the Hangouts app. First and foremost function of the app is its chat function. With the same, one can chat with their contacts, find whether or not the recipients have seen the message, find out the last time when they were online, etc. In the same chat window, the users can share stored multimedia files.

They can even click an image or record a video clipping directly from the interface for the purpose of sharing it with the recipients. Other than chatting, one can use the app for one-to-one video/voice call and group video/voice call with the group capacity of a whopping 150 people.

The app also comes with other functions with which one can set a customized status. The status could be anything from mood to ideas to any plans. There is also a notification setting which allows the users to snooze the notifications. One can even archive their conversations, set a customized ringtone for their contacts, etc. 

On the whole, Hangouts offers convenient features that enrich the communication experience with your personal and professional acquaintances. 

Security 10/10

Hangouts has been designed and developed by Google which itself is the emblem of reliability, trust, and security. Thus, as you connect with people through Hangout and plunge into an interactive environment, you need not have to worry about any sort of malicious activity going on in the background.

Also, no spyware or malware sneaks their way to your phone as you install and setup Hangouts on your device. Overall, it is a secured app that lets you have a brilliant quality chat, voice, and video call with your known ones.

User Base: How Big is It?

Backed by Google, Hangouts is one of the most used apps for chatting, voice call, and video call. It has been packed with a plenty of essential communication features, and the same has made 1 billion people a big fan of this app, and this number is nowhere seems to be stopping. If on one end, its simplicity has increased its fan following, on the other end, it’s the amazing quality of calls that has given it such a huge user base. 

Why do we recommend this app?

There are different messaging apps out there. While some have great functionalities, they have a poor design, and if they have an appealing design, their features are quite disappointing. However, this is not the case when it comes to Hangouts.

The application looks stunning in terms of its interface and it has been packed with all the necessary features and functionalities that enhance the chatting, voice/video call experience. The app also allows you to message your contacts even when they are offline. Thus, they get notified of your message as and when they come online. For a seamless communication experience, we recommend the app Hangouts.

Design and Usability 9

Key Functions 10

Security 10

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