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Call of Duty: Mobile review

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Call of Duty went mobile in October 2019 and became a record game in a week. The developers from Activision promised it would deliver console-quality visuals and gameplay to mobile devices, bringing the best mobile action ever. A spoiler: it does.

Graphics and Sound - 10/10

That’s one FPS that tells them all how to do shooters. The five maps from the original CoD multiplayer are here, with roofs and holes in the asphalt, scratched cars, and torn uniform, screams and shots… And red red blood when shot. And weapons were drawn with so much love and excitement that it would have been gun porn if not for knives, grenades, drones, and other techs of destruction. And it tales about 1.5 GB even in HD edition.

As for audio, it doesn’t only create the atmosphere. It’s just as useful to detect the enemy location as the mini-map. So put your best headphones on or connect good audio and sit, so your ears hear the stereo.

Gameplay - 8/10

The story of Call of Duty Mobile is simple and replays the structure of the original team multiplayer. In team mode, there are two teams, Special Forces and Guerillas. They are morally identical, only divided into “us” and “them”. You need to reach a certain number of kills (40 or 50) for your team to win. Each team only has five troopers, but the killed one respawns almost immediately, staying invincible for the first seconds after.

There is also a Battle Royale mode, with each one trying to become the last survivor. There isn’t much difference between CoD and other BR games; in terms of gameplay, it’s more Battle Royale than Call of Duty. The developers ditched long single-player campaigns and historical details. But probably later we’ll see addons following the original CoD adventures in various wars.

Controls - 9/10

First-person shooters already have their default control layout, and Call of Duty: Mobile follows the mobile pattern. There is a virtual joystick under the left thumb, responsible for moving your character. The area in the right part of the screen is used to move the camera with similar gestures. There are also virtual buttons for jumping, hiding, aiming, shooting, switching weapons, and so on.

The only reason why the CoD Mobile control system isn’t perfect is the lack of support for wireless gamepads. Those with DualShock or Xbox controllers already have set them up for Android and iOS devices just to learn that the game should support gamepads on its side.

Lasting Appeal - 10/10

Call of Duty has been here since 2003 on desktops and consoles, but it still feels fresh. The fans who hastily installed it to their phones and tablets probably wanted just a military FPS with lots of weapons to explore, perks to use, and armor to wear. Along with all this, there is a Battle Royale mode, constant upgrades, and random opponents.
It’s not a cybersport discipline yet, but it may become one. The game is certainly here for long, as the developers will pay attention to it and won’t let players give up soon.

Difficulty Level

It’s quite easy for the beginners, even those unfamiliar with the desktop Call of Duty series. You start with a brief bootcamp tutorial, teaching you to use controls. Then there are little pieces of information where you need that – for example, on unlocking new weapons or perks.

As your character upgrades, the opponents become cooler too. The algorithm of forming teams attempts to group players of about the same level and skill. So the enemy is neither invincible nor too easy for you.


Call of Duty Mobile is probably the future reference FPS. Now it’s among the megahits of fall 2019. And if you like military-style, online shooters, and just quality games – don’t miss it.

Graphics and Sound 10

Controls 9

Gameplay 8

Lasting Appeal 10

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