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Bluetooth Notifier review

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Design and Usability – 7/10

Sometimes, knowingly or unknowingly, Bluetooth connections remains connected, and we are not aware of the condition. This can be an annoying and an uncomfortable situation. To handle these issues, you can install Bluetooth Notifier app on your Android smartphone. 

Whenever a Bluetooth device connects or disconnects, you will be notified. 

Do not expect any extraordinary design in this app. The developers have focused solely on the usability aspect rather than rendering a captivating design. The plain and simple black backdrop form the base of the application.

You can access all the functions and features on the screen. In fact, you don’t need to operate the app once you have adjusted the settings as per your requirement. 

Key Functions – 7/10

There is only one key function of this application – detect Bluetooth connectivity and perform the desired operation, further, notifying about the same to the user. Sometimes, users connect the device with phone and forget to disconnect it.

For example, you are listening to songs on your Bluetooth headset. After some time, you keep it aside. If someone calls you during this time, you will miss the call. If you had Bluetooth Notifier installed on your phone, it would notify the status of the Bluetooth connection. Hence, you can handle the situation in a better way. 

Now, you can also adjust the app settings according to your requirements. Whether you want to get notified by a sound when the device connects or disconnects, changing sound settings, auto enabling parameters during the boot process, etc.; customize the settings as per your needs. Further, you can identify which of the Bluetooth device is connected to the phone. 

Security – 7/10 

The developers have not mentioned specific details about the security aspects. But, yes, when you install the app on your smartphone, it will ask you to grant permissions. It is necessary to analyze the Bluetooth settings to perform seamlessly. Otherwise, it will not be able to detect the connected Bluetooth devices. 

Moreover, the app is beneficial in detecting your device as well. If you forget where you have placed your mobile phone, the Bluetooth notification can actually help you in locating the phone.

User Base: how big is it?

The app serves the purpose of those users who use Bluetooth devices excessively. It works seamlessly with Bluetooth headsets, smartwatches, and other devices. In addition, other than identifying the Bluetooth connection status, it helps you in locating your device, in case you have misplaced it. 

More than 1 million gets have been accomplished so far. Around 4000 user reviews validate the functionality of this app. This app is not a utility for each and everyone and hence, it is suitable for selected users. 

Why do we recommend this app?

We highly recommend Bluetooth Notifier app if you are concerned with two basic tasks – knowing the connection status of your Bluetooth device and the smartphone, and locating the smartphone in case you have misplaced it in your surroundings. If these two reasons excite you, consider geting this Android app on your smartphone. 

Bluetooth Notifier app is compatible with smartphones running Android 3.0 and above. There are no in-app purchases, but the app displays advertisements. For some users, this can be annoying. But there is no provision for removing the ads. 

Design and Usability 7

Key Functions 7

Security 7

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