Top 5 Apps to Make Co-Parenting Smoother

These days, there are apps for all kinds of tastes and needs. While some of them are made just for fun, others are immensely helpful. Therefore, the fact that there are some really effective apps specifically for co-parenting is far from surprising. No doubt, these tools won’t magically make communicating with your ex totally easy and stress-free, but they are sure to contribute to healthy and effective co-parenting.

Prior to opting for the best co-parenting app for you, it’s vital to focus on what these tools are designed for. They should:

  • enhance the quality of communication;
  • create the best platform for exchanging information;
  • encourage frequent communication whenever necessary;
  • make interaction a lot smoother and convenient.

Sharing your kid’s schedule, keeping you and your ex posted about the forthcoming events, as well as helping you keep tabs on your mutual expenses — these are some of the major functions of the most effective co-parenting communication apps. If you like the way these perks sound, you should definitely give these tools a try.

Coparently: Add Your Kids & Use 30-Day Free Trial

Coparently tool

Coparently is an app that offers a collection of online tools to make co-parenting as convenient as possible. With Coparently, you and your ex will effectively schedule, communicate, track your shared expenses, store contact details in one secure place, discuss and remind each other of the important dates, as well as other stuff that runs the risk of being forgotten. 

What’s more, via this app, you can let your kid participate in your convos without granting them access to other (more sensitive) features. This is especially handy if you have a teenager whose opinion needs to be heard on a regular basis. Coparently costs $99 per year per parent. You can test-drive it for 30 days for free to see if it suits your needs.

Cozi: Perfect for Stress-Free Co-Parenting

Cozi iOS app

Cozi wasn’t originally designed for co-parenting, but its clean interface and excellent functionality have cemented it as one of the best co-parenting tools. Accessible via iOS and Android, Cozi allows you to set up and share calendars, to-do lists, meal plans, exchange pics and tutorials, as well as shopping and expenses info.

Cozi is free of charge, but it includes in-app purchases and paid upgrades. It even allows you to keep a shared journal of your kiddo’s milestones — such a lovely feature. In other words, if you can communicate with your ex in a friendly manner and no longer secretly want to kill them, Cozi is a great app for the two of you to interact whenever necessary. 

Google Calendar: You Can Use It for Co-Parenting

Google Calendar app

Google Calendar is a great tool to use at work, but did you know that it’s also super convenient for coordinating schedules with your ex? Just set up a calendar and allow your ex to edit it, and you’re done. Google Calendar makes scheduling regular events and setting automatic notifications really easy. To begin using the app, all you need is a Gmail account and your favorite device. Google Calendar is easy to use both on your PC and any mobile device of your preference. 

Our Family Wizard: Created Expressly for Co-Parents

Our Family Wizard app

This tool was designed by a divorced couple to help like-minded co-parents communicate effectively for the sake of their kids. The Our Family Wizard app allows you to create your own separate account and share it with as many users as you need. 

Via this app, you and your ex will manage all stages of your shared parenting agreement in one single space — naturally, without having to see each other in person too often. The ToneMeter feature checks your messages and suggests alternatives for the ones containing negative tone and i.e. potentially argument-provoking. Such a smart idea! 

2Houses: Effective & More Affordable Than Other Tools

2Houses app

This app is used by nearly 200,000 families in more than 160 countries throughout the globe. No wonder it’s that popular: it’s among the best ways to interact with your kid’s other parent when other ways of communication aren’t an option. 2Houses assists you in organizing your schedules, keeping track of the upcoming events and activities, as well as exchanging all the necessary details about your kids, such as school or medical appointments.

The app features a great messaging tool and a handy document storage space available both on your computer and mobile gadgets. 2Houses costs $9.99 per month. The cost is per family, not per parent, which makes the app a lot more affordable compared to its counterparts. Furthermore, you can test it out for free during 14 days prior to deciding if you’re ready for an annual membership plan or not. Super convenient!

Cutting to the Choice: It’s All Up to You 

In a perfect world, co-parenting would be a pleasure cruise, filled with flexibility, patience, understanding, and a never-ending compromise. If that more or less describes your co-parenting experience, then you deserve some kind of a reward — or at least a praise for all the effort you’ve put into the whole thing.

If your co-parenting journey is far from perfection, don’t let this fact discourage you. Keep working on it, but don’t forget to make the most of the available instruments to enhance your communication and scheduling experience. No doubt, divorce is not the best thing that ever happened to you. But your ultimate mission here is to arm yourself with all the necessary tools to move on as quickly and painlessly as possible.

So, have you tried any of the co-parenting apps listed above? If you have, which of them is your top favorite and why? Perhaps, you have some worthy additions to complement our selection? Let us know about them in the comments below. Your feedback is very important. And don’t forget to save out blog in your bookmarks, that is if you want to keep track of the latest tech news and expert app reviews.

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Top Communication Apps for Your Company

It is impossible to do your work properly without communication with your colleagues or boss. Whether you are working remotely or at the same office, you need to share files, links, or discuss important questions. Sometimes it is hard to satisfy clients, make an order on time, or even stay focused without proper communication. There are life-savings apps that were made specially to solve these problems.

Can a small chat app improve the whole business?

Communication is the key to anything. It solves problems and stops wars. If you think that it is irrelevant for your work, you are missing an amazing opportunity for improvement. Team members, who do not need to run up and down the stairs, wasting their time on coming to your office and back just to discuss something will appreciate these apps.

It takes less time to ask a question or receive an answer. It means that all the questions that colleagues saved for the next time they meet will be asked and nothing will be lost. All team members will receive access to important information at the same time. Some of the apps have project management features other suit client communication better, and so on.

These apps help the team to stay focused on their common goal. This way you will receive better results. Productivity will be increased, and the workers will feel as part of a team. Even remote workers can easily reach the office and share the team spirit.

Top apps for communication at work

While we all know numerous chatting apps, not all of them are suitable for business. The perfect communication app for work must contain several features and meet quite a lot of requirements. It must be easy to navigate and understand.


Slack application screenshots

Price: varies from free up to $15 for a month.

Slack is positioned as a working creative hub for sharing ideas and taking decisions. The center of Slack is the chat between all colleagues. Some users prefer to compare it to Trello by its organization. Still, this is not like Trello at all. This app will be appreciated by anyone who used Hipchat before it was discontinued. All the conversations can be organized into channels, and it actually solves the problem with email chains. It is much easier to find the conversation thread you need if you know where to look and what to look for.

Every member of the chat can join or leave it anytime, write messages or easily find the old ones. You can make a call, share files, and arrange video conferences in Slack. It is compatible with Google Drive, Dropbox, and probably  even your company’s unique software. You may keep all the important data in the storage, so all members of the project could use it.

Main attractions:

  • Channels are well organized and easy to join or leave.
  • Video and audio calls between colleagues are extremely easy to arrange.
  • File sharing option. Slack is compatible with other platforms.


Basecamp application screenshots

Price: $99 a month.

Basecamp app was made for clients oriented companies. You may arrange communication through the app in various ways like Campfire, chatroom, or message boards. If you want to talk directly to your team mate, send the private message or email.

The new feature that lacks in many other apps is that you can actually include your clients into the conversations. Basically, your clients will receive updates on the project and will be able to discuss their questions with you. You can show charts, to-do lists, reports, etc. There is storage for your needs and project calendar to remind you of the deadlines. Actually, the whole working process is simplified. You don’t need to arrange meetings with your clients or call them. They can always visit the app and check what has been done and what you are currently working on.

Main attractions:

  • Close interactions with clients through the app.
  • Charts and reports, and other ways to show the progress to both team members and clients.
  • Various options for communication between each other: chats, conferences, etc.


Zoom application screenshots

Price: various from free and up to $199.50 for a month.

There are group video chats for everyone who prefers to see each other during the conversation, instead of typing messages. You can either organize one-on-one private chat or invite up to 100 people to join. This is a nice way to provide conference and include all your remote employees. Face-to-face conversations can significantly increase productivity. There will be less misunderstanding between each other. And this app is widely used for online international conferences.

Zoom app also allows you to share your screen with others, so everyone will be able to see your presentation. The best thing is that you can always join the chat from the tablet or smartphone. To join the conference you will have to make a phone call. You can share even your phone screen if you need. And if you want you may record the conference for other users or for yourself.

Main attractions:

  • Recording the conference and keeping it in the storage.
  • You can join the conference on your phone.
  • Video conferences private or up to 100 people.


Bitrix24 application screenshots

Price: varies from free up to $199 for a month.

Bitrix24 app was created to help people to communicate with each other. Besides, it provides you with all tools for team members and task management. You can create separate workgroups that will have their own assignments and in the evening call everyone for the common meeting in a chat room or video conference. You may send emails, create events in the calendar and discuss current tasks with employees.

There are task boards for a better convenience and file sharing option. If you use a time tracking system, this app helps with it too. Similar to Basecamp, Bitrix24 offers you to bring your clients into the chat. You don’t have to pay for the app if you don’t want extra services. This app is lightweight and easy to use. You may place any amount of information and share it with your colleagues.

Main attractions:

  • Video conferences or chats between colleagues.
  • Direct and active collaboration with clients.
  • Team management and time tracking system.


Sameroom application screenshots

Price: varies from free up to $5 000 for a month.

This app offers a single communication way for different platforms users. You don’t have to change the platform you are accustomed to.  If you are used to chatting through one app, Sameroom will simply connect you with your colleagues who apply another app.

Besides, you can always unite all your various accounts on one platform. To make it clear, you are able to connect different channels of Slack in one, so the team or clients will have access to everything. Sameroom does not need any extra skills, as it was made super user-friendly.

Main attractions:

  • Over 20 various apps can integrate with the Sameroom.
  • You and other employees may still use your favorite platforms.
  • Different conversations may be united on the same platform.


Asana application screenshots

Price: varies from free up to $23.99 for a month and user fees.

Asana is an app that is mainly used for project management. Meanwhile, it has all the features for communication inside the team. You can chat with your colleagues one-on-one or call for the group meeting. There are project boards that are useful for keeping updated on the progress, so your colleagues will see it.

Make an assignment in the app and share it with your colleagues. You can post your comments or ask questions there. Notifications will be sent to the employees that take part in the project. Forget about misunderstanding and irrelevant remarks.

Main attractions:

  • You are able to make notes in the assignments directly.
  • Project boards show the current progress to employees.
  • You are able to choose when you want to see notifications.


Wrike application screenshots

Price: variуs from free up to $24.8 for a user per month.

Wrike is a management app that helps to provide communication among employees, create projects on time and organize the work structure. Colleagues can receive messages from each other in their workspace. It helps to avoid confusing situations, searching through various tasks and projects. This way, you are able to see the message and immediately respond to it.

Unlike many other apps, Wrike allows you to attach comments to videos, and images as well. This way your notes will be seen on time. All the progress of the whole team is seen in the app. You may share the workflows, ask questions, make updates. You don’t need to actually ask everyone about their tasks and how everything goes. You will see everything yourself.

Main attractions:

  • Updates on the status of the project.
  • You can add notes to videos and photos.
  • Sends messages and chats directly to the workspace to avoid confusion.

Do you actually need any of these apps?

The answer is so obvious that you don’t even have to ask. Modern market has numerous requirements that involve fast and productive communication between co-workers. At the same time, more companies nowadays prefer to hire remote workers who always need to be updated on the current situation with projects. Apps like Slack or Wrike are in trend nowadays, while other amazing apps that were mentioned here are still unknown.

Don’t miss the opportunity to try all of these apps until you find something worthy of your attention. Each of them has different specifics which will be more or less suitable for your work. Build a strong bond between team members and keep the progress visible for everyone.

The list of communication apps here is not complete. You may use some other apps as well. If you do, tell us about them and why do you like them. And if you are familiar with one of the apps mentioned above, please share your honest opinion here, in the comments.

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Top 10 Tinder Alternatives You Should Try

We live in a world where literally everything can be done online. From shopping to getting a taxi and everything in between, our worlds revolve around our smartphones, tablets, or computers. Today, we're looking at something a little different, which has now become the norm of our daily routine - dating. Yes, that's right, we'll be discussing the present and probable future of the old fashioned meet and greet. Online dating has been around for more than a few years and while some sources have delivered, others have failed miserably.

Dating apps have taken over from the overly complicated websites, plus they can be carried with us everywhere we go. But when we think of dating apps, only one name comes to mind and that is none other than Tinder. It's a given that Tinder has been doing remarkably well since its introduction, but it does come with a number of obstacles. Linking your Facebook account and paying for unlocking better features are just two of the biggest that come to mind. Now, there are a number of apps that offer the same features, and more, for free or at a much lower cost. Let's take a look at 10 Tinder alternatives that will kickstart your dating life.


Gone are the days when women had to wait for the man to make the first move. With Bumble, the power is all in the women's hands. Swipe through the thousands of members and when you find a potential connection, as a woman, you have 24 hours to send a message. The receiver also has 24 hours to respond before the connection expires. It is designed for heterosexual individuals as well as same-sex matchmaking. Apart from dating, the app can also be used to make friends as well as finding a new career. The app is free to use but does come with optional subscription fees.


If you cross paths with someone you like on a daily basis but don't have the nerve to approach them, the Happn app is the perfect choice for you. It lets you know when any other Happn user is near you and lets you check out their profile. You can even check the number of times you crossed paths as well as the te and location. Send secret Likes to people you fancy or say Hi and connect straight away. If you get a Like or Hi back, you create a Crush which lets you chat with the other person. Or play CrushTime and guess the person that liked you from four different profiles.

OkCupid Dating

While OkCupid Dating first started off as a dating website in 2004, it has reinvented itself as a user-friendly mobile app and is one of the best in the market. Most dating apps base their matchmaking abilities on looks and attraction. OkCupid Datin builds on that by including the users' likes, hobbies, and interests to make a more meaningful and accurate connection. It is free to use the app, but an upgrade to premium costs $9.99 a month.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel or CMB is probably one of the most well-designed dating apps available. It has a complex algorithm that factors in everything from age and height to ethnicity, religion, and social network to find you the absolute best matches. What's more is that you don't have to go searching, swiping, or looking for your match. The app delivers the best potential matches or Bagelsat noon every day. Once connected, a private chat is set up for you to take the conversation further.

Skout Dating App

Adding another layer to the online dating world, Skout offers you broadcasting features too. Go Live and make connections or watch others and connect with them. Find new connections near you or anywhere in the world and preference them by age. Check out millions of profiles or find out who has been checking your profile. Get notified when a potential connection is nearby and save your favorites. Make in-app purchases to help you upgrade and promote your profile to a wider audience.

Plenty Of Fish

Plenty Of Fish or POF is a completely free to use dating app and delivers one of the best online dating experiences. With one of the most advanced algorithms incorporated, the app will surely find you the perfect match in no time. Check out your ideal matches and sort them according to newest members, last online, and more. The standout feature for the app is that you can send unlimited messages for absolutely no cost and receive them for free as well. With millions of users worldwide, the POF app can surely find you a perfect match.


Woo is another dating app that puts the power in the hands of the woman. The app is designed for Indian women around the world and focuses on trust, comfort, and sensitivity. The app helps you find the ideal match and allows you to chat with anyone without showcasing any profile details. It also helps filter out unwanted connections and creepy profiles. With Woo, you get Verified Profiles to choose from that give you the opportunity to choose the perfect match. Women can make internet calls without releasing their phone numbers to ensure security at the highest level.


Want to connect with people now? Try MeetMe and you won't be disappointed. Find individuals near you and chat with them instantly without any hesitation. The app matches you with potential connections that share your interests and ensure a fun and friendly meet. With more than 100 millions users, you are bound to meet your ideal connection through MeetMe. The app also allows you to video chat with anyone you like for free, chat with your favorite connections, broadcast yourself and chat with people, and find new connections based on shared interests.

Zoosk Dating App

Known as one of the best dating apps in the world, Zoosk offers so much more than regular dating apps. With Personalized SmartPick, your interests and preferences are taken into consideration when matching. The Photo Verification allows users to add video selfies that ensure everyone you connect with is the same person you see in their photos. Search for connections with the help of filters like religion, body type, hobbies, age, and height.


Find your true love or just someone to flirt with on the LOVOO app. From its introduction in 2012, this dating app has been creating a buzz around the world. You can find your perfect match anywhere and at any time - whether you are in a train or on your morning walk. Chat with anyone you want or with people near you and connect instantly. Add photos to your profile and give yourself a better chance of finding a strong connection. There are 50 million users from over 20 different countries using LOVOO, so you're probably going to find your connection sooner rather than later with this app.

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Most Effective Apps for Internal Communication

The employees of a company cannot shout on the top of their voice when they are in need of something. Also, they cannot keep on making a new email thread for every small requirement from their colleagues. And that’s where an instant communication application or software comes to the rescue.
Below we have compiled top 9 internal communication applications that are used in a plenty of organizations and adored by a majority of professionals. Have a look!


For those looking for a comprehensive communication platform, Microsoft Lync is perfect for them. It allows the users to make video calls, voice call, undertake instant messaging, file transfer and much more.


A large number of add-ons and features make Campfire a preferred choice of many corporates. Many of these extras are free and fully customizable. The password-protected group chats feature of Campfire further make it quite popular in the professional world.


With HipChat, creating a group and chatting in it is a seamless affair. However, it is mostly loved due to its offline mode function. In case, you have received a message while you are offline, you receive an email notification for the same. Further, there is a code syntax highlighting feature that comes handy while sending code snippets. Also, the API of HipChat is used to automate tasks and build amazing things.


Slack boasts of a user-friendly design and interface. It is quick, comes with a plenty of features, and it is quite easy-to-understand. Bots, private groups, file sharing, ability to create a Google Hangout, etc. are some of the essential and crucial functionalities that this software has been packed with.


One of the widely used project management tools, Basecamp makes the communication smooth and easy. Be it an employee, employer or the client, it keeps everyone abreast on the progress of the task at hand. TO-DOs, reminders, group chat, one-to-one chat, task assignment, etc. are some of the features offered by Basecamp.

Next in the list is a powerful yet light application – It is quite a prominent tool across a large number of organizations owing to its simplicity and ease-of-use. Its ability to integrate with GitHub and other services offers data, as well as, the context behind the conversation that employees are having.


Though a project management and task tracking application, Redbooth is also packed with a useful chat software. One can chat on an individual basis or with everyone involved in a particular project. The chat feature has also been integrated into the assign task windows, thus, concerns or issues regarding the assigned task can be resolved quickly.


With Wrike, the internal communication is no more a hassle. A task tracker, Wrike comes with a powerful built-in chat feature that brings context to the conversation. It is secure, thus, ensuring the privacy of each and every project information, as well as, chat conversations.

Bitrix 24

Bitrix 24 is popular among many companies due to a plethora of features that it offers. It has its own document management system, cloud, calendar, a CRM system, E-Mail, etc. However, when it comes to communication, it provides an amazing one-to-one chat and group chat feature. Want to have a video call with a colleague? Do it in a few clicks directly from the interface of Bitrix 24.

Wrapping Up

Internal communication is an indispensable part of every organization. It is necessary that conversations among the employees stay at one place for record and reference. All the aforementioned applications and tools let you connect, discuss, share, and brainstorm with your colleagues easily.

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Best Team Chat Apps for Work

Both personal and professional relations thrive on fruitful communication. As humans evolve, the means of communication also evolve rapidly. If we consider professional space, effective steps are being taken to enhance communication amongst colleagues. 

Team chat app is the latest utility that has become the most sought-after tool. For group messaging, conference calls, P2P messaging, releasing circulars, and much more; these team chat apps aim at simplifying conversations and bringing everyone on the same page. If you are considering uniting your company’s employees on a single communicative interface, we have the best team chat app options for you. 

Slack (Starts at $0 per user per month)

Slack is one of the most revered chats powered workplace wherein you can interact with the employees across different departments. Create specified channels for particular projects. The open source code of Slack app allows integration of other apps for customization as per your needs. The Slack app is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

Flock (Starts at $0 per user per month)

Flock is a trusted team chat app that provides a well-organized interface for managing all core tasks such messaging, initiating audio and video calls, sharing files such as documents and media files, and so on. It facilitates easy integration of external apps for enhanced functioning. 

Microsoft Teams (Starts at $6 per user per month)

When Microsoft does it, you can expect inch-perfection in all the aspects. Besides accessing Office 365 apps, you can communicate via chats, groups, and calls. You can also access SharePoint, OneNote, PowerBI, and other apps. Further, you can also integrate other software such as HootSuite, Zendesk, Github, Wrike, and others. 

Twist (Starts at $0 per user per month)

Twist believes in rendering the functions that are indigenous to the app. For example, besides initiating chats and calls, you can segregate messages topic-wise. This helps in easily locating texts without diving into an ocean of messages. Supported by multiple operating systems and multiple devices, it is easily accessible from any corner of the world. 

ChatWork (Starts at $0 per user per month)

If you are struggling with productivity at work, you need to reorganize your communication methodology. Adopt ChatWork for seamless conversations and task management. Besides simplifying your workplace tasks, it provides 256-bit encryption for foolproof security. 

Mattermost (Starts at $0 per user per month)

Mattermost is an open-source, cloud-based messaging app that is trusted by reputed brands such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Uber, Samsung, and others. Compatibility with multiple devices, beefed up security measures, support for 14 languages, and other factors contribute to the success of Mattermost team chat app. 

Zoho Chat (Starts at $0 per user per month)

Zoho Chat is one the team chat apps that provide numerous functions at affordable prices. You can initiate unlimited conversations, make video & audio calls, share documents and files, and much more. The open-source platform allows users to modify the code. The minimalistic interface aims at enhancing user experience. 

Ryver (Starts at $0 per user per month)

Ryver aims at striking a perfect balance between conversations and task management. You can initiate chats in private or public forums, or send P2P messages. The task management is simplified using task boards, task lists, checklists, etc. Further, compatibility with other business apps makes Ryver a preferable team chat app. 

Cisco Spark (Starts at $0 per user per month)

The main priority of Cisco Spark team chat app is to synchronize your business chores in an utmost secure environment. Besides chats, conversations, and calling, you can present your views via whiteboard drawings crafted on the touch-screen board. The premium plan allows you to integrate calendar, directories, phone system, etc. 

Stride (Starts at $0 per user per month)

Stride is one of the most widely used apps in the professional arena. The scalability, easy integration, and versatile functionalities promote Stride as the tough contender in the team chat apps segment. Accomplish all jobs of calling, messaging, task management, sharing documents, and much more. The Focus Mode allows users to mute all conversations and focus on the work. 


As the needs of a company may differ, choose a team chat app accordingly. For an instance, the app selection may differ for text-based conversations and voice-based conversations. Analyze the requirements, and accordingly, opt for the most effective communication tool for your company. 

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