Brief Instructions On Recording Skype Calls

Did you know that you can actually record the call on Skype? There is a built-in option in this chatting app. And if you want some advanced functions, you may find them in third-party applications that let you save your video or audio calls. Skype’s own built-in recording tool is available on the web, desktop, and mobile platforms.

You are able to record the video or audio call, play it, or pause. It lasts 30 days on Skype, but you can always save it on your device as an MP4 file. Keep it on your computer or share it with others, it is up to you. This built-in feature works perfectly on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS. When it comes to recording Skype calls via the web, make sure you have one of these browsers – either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

Starting To Record Your Call

skype app screenshot

You may start by opening the Skype program on the device. Make an audio or video call. After the connection is set, click on the + sign you see in the right bottom corner. Some versions of Skype offer ellipsis icon instead of this sign. Select here the Start Recording command.

How To Stop The Recording Procedure

There is the message that appears on your screen to notify you and the person with whom you are chatting that the recording is on. After the call was recorded, click the + sign icon again and pick Stop Recording command. It will end the recording. You may also end the call to automatically stop the process.

How To View The Recording

The record will be stored in the chat window of your contact. Just open the chat and you will see the recorded video. You can play the recording by clicking it. Pause it with one click or stop it. There is a scrubber below the video, and you may use it to listen to or watch the specific part of your recording. The video will be revealed in a separate window.

How To Download The Recording

Recorded call is saved in Skype for just 30 days, which may not be enough for users who want to save the call and come back to it whenever they want. In this case, you have to save the file from Skype onto your computer or phone. If you use the desktop Skype version, find the three-dot icon at the upper right corner of the recording window and click it. Then you will see ‘Save to Downloads’ option. If you click it, the call will be saved to the Downloads folder. And if you want to pick another location, click the text ‘Save As’. Your call will be saved in MP4 format, no matter whether it is video or audio.

How To View Saved File

view recorded call on skype mobile

You may check the file immediately. Go to the Downloads folder on your computer or wherever you have saved it. Click Show in the folder. Now you have to double click the MP4 file.

How To Share Recorded File

You don’t even need to download the recording to your computer to share it with another Skype user. To do it, click the Forward sign. Pick the person from the list of contacts on Skype. Click their icon to send the file to them.

How To Delete The Call

Click on the video in the chatbox. Open the menu, pick the Remove sign and click it. That’s it.

Sharing and Deleting Multiple Recordings

Use the Select Messages option to delete or share multiple recordings in the chatbox. You have to carefully check whether there is a tick in the circle next to every recording you want to include in the process. You will see the bar with options Copy, Forward, and Remove. Pick one of these options, depending on your plan.

How To Share And Save Skype Calls On Mobile

You will not have any problems with the mobile Skype app as well. Just make sure that you have enough space on your phone. All you need to do is hard to press the recording in the chat box. Save the recording in the photo library. You may resend a Skype call to one of your contacts or just delete this recording for good. If you need to navigate multiple recordings, tap Select Messages and pick all these messages.

Recording On The Web

skype screen recording

Let’s talk about recording your Skype calls on the web. You have to open the Skype for the web and sign in to your account. Make the video or audio call. When the contact will respond, press + sign and select Start Recording option.

To stop recording you have to press the ‘+’ sign again. Remember that you can’t record the call without acknowledging your contact about it. The message will appear on both of your screens. The menu will appear where you will be able to pick Stop Recording. You may also simply end the call to stop the procedure.

How To View Skype Recorded Call On The Web

view recorded call skype

After you stop recording the call, you can see it in the chat window. Play it right there. You may even use the scrubber to watch or listen to the specific moment. The recording has its own separate window, no matter whether it is video or audio. To share the recording with another user, find a three-dot icon in the recording window. Pick a Forward feature. After that, select the contact you want to share the file with.

Downloading And Deleting Skype Calls From The Web

Keeping the recording for 30 days in the chatbox is an official policy of Skype for all platforms. So, if you actually want to see the video or listen to the audio record from now on, you have to save it on your device. Click the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the recording call window. There will be more options. Pick the Save to Downloads if you want to keep the file in the standard Downloads folder. You may choose the Save As an option to change the location. The format of the video and audio record is still MP4. And if you want to delete the file go back to the three-dot menu and click Remove.

Multiple Skype Call Recording On The Web

To delete or share Skype call recording, you can click the Select Messages option. Put a tick in the circles next to the videos or audios you want to work with. The bar with Remove and Forward options will appear in front of you. Pick the one you currently need.

Why Do You Need To Record Skype Calls?

There are multiple reasons to record your calls on Skype. Some people prefer to watch or listen to their family members’ faces and voices, others require to record important business meetings or lessons. It does not matter why you want to make a recording and save it. All that matters is that you can actually do it in no time, using built-in tools. Check them out and share your opinion about them in the comments below.

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Tips on Using TikTok: the Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

TikTok (also known as is a free iPhone and Android-oriented social networking application that lets you browse, film, and post music videos of your lip-synching, singing, dancing, or just talking. Via TikTok, you can jazz up your videos with various filters, soundtracks, and plenty of special effects. Similar to other social networking apps, TikTok provides such features as following, liking, and commenting.  

Having long outperformed Instagram and boasting 1.5 billion total downloads as of today, TikTok is making firm steps towards dominating the app scene. By all means, the best way to get to grips with the app is to produce your own personal or business-related posts. However, if you’ve never used similar platforms before, navigating TikTok can be rather challenging. Does that sound familiar to you? No worries, we’ll help.

So, if you’ve recently downloaded this addictive app and are now looking for a handy guide on using TikTok, you’ve come to the right place. To assist you in conquering TikTok, we’ve boiled the app down to a quick set of tips on how to use it. Enjoy reading this post and don’t forget to bookmark our blog to keep your fingers on the pulse of what’s new on the tech horizon. Chill’N’Chat is where the latest news and top app reviews are posted on a regular basis. 

TikTok iOS app screenshot

Getting Around with TikTok: Your First Steps

Start with installing TikTok. You can register with it instantly via your existing Facebook, Gmail, or Twitter profile, or create a unique login-and-password combo. If you prefer using your phone number to register with TikTok, the app will create an automatic screen name for you. Whenever you want to change that screen name, follow the easy steps described below.

Upon logging in, you will notice the feed of video suggestions right away. First and foremost, tap the Me icon in the bottom right section of your account screen to make the necessary tweaks to your profile. After that, tap the Edit Profile button and complete the usual profile setup procedure: alter your screen name if necessary, upload a profile pic/video and tell the TikTok world more about yourself. 

If you’re up for it, you can link your Instagram or YouTube page to your TikTok page. That’s especially helpful marketing-wise if you’re registering a business account. By default, all TikTok profiles are public, i.e. your profile information is accessible to anyone, along with the videos you upload. To make your profile a bit more to yourself, head to the privacy settings and customize them to your liking. Don’t forget that to enjoy all the perks of TikTok, you’re going to need to get yourself a pair of top-notch headphones. 

Browsing Through Videos & Connecting with Other Users

Now that your account is all ready and polished, you can return to the page with video suggestions and browse through them. Similar to other social media apps, TikTok will send you user and video suggestions. Feel free to watch these videos and start following the users whose content you fancy the most. Once you start following and connecting with other TikTok members, your feed will swiftly adapt to your preferences. 

Upon watching videos on Instagram or Facebook, you can display your reaction to them by liking and sharing them with others. TikTok is exactly the same in this respect. Feel free to take action whenever you’re up for ‘liking’ or commenting on any video that catches your eye — the heart icon, as well as the speech bubble icon, are always at your service. If sharing a video is your intention, tap the corresponding icon, and your sharing settings will launch. 

If you love someone’s video and want to browse through its author’s other creations, swipe left to study their profile. Now, let’s switch to the topic of using the TikTok search feature. Tap the magnifying glass icon to launch the app’s search functionality. Here, you can engage in searching for both users and videos. Below the search bar, you can pillage the most recent popular videos. 

Following People on TikTok: Keep in Touch

If you want to stay in touch with particular TikTok users or have instant access to their latest videos, you can start following them. To do that, tap their profile image icon and a plus sign right above the heart button on their video. Looking for someone specific on TikTok? Make the most of the search bar and the ‘Users’ filter. 

In addition to this, scanning users’ TikCode helps greatly in finding them. This feature is especially handy if you’re a brand aiming to promote your TikTok business account both online and offline. Also, finding someone via their TikCode is super easy when you meet them in person and decide to add them on the go. 

Looking for your own TikCode? Find it by tapping the 4-square icon in the top right part of your screen. If scanning someone else’s TikCode is what you need, head to the search section and tap the square icon near the search bar. Upon launching the scan screen, center the camera over the code you’re scanning, and the process will initiate in mere moments. The user’s profile will launch instantly.  

Uploading Your Video Creations on TikTok: Post Away

So, are you eager to post your first videos on TikTok? We have a few recommendations for you. Start with tapping the plus sign in the bottom section of your profile screen. After the camera launches, you will see a red recording button on the screen. You can either begin recording instantly or upload a song first — just to make your lip-syncing or dancing synchronize perfectly with the music. In either case, adding a soundtrack to your video later is never a problem.

Similar to Snapchat, TikTok gives you the possibility to apply plenty of AR features to your video posts, changing the way you (and your surroundings) look, as well as adding various effects. Some TikTok effects are even created specifically for your cute little pets — just to make them appear even sweeter and funnier in your video creations. To look through the effects available within the app, tap Effects in the below left part of the screen and have a browse. By using the Speed button, you can either record your video in slow-mo or speed it up. 

In the right upper section of your TikTok recording screen, you will find the Beauty icon. Tap it if you want to look your best in your videos and adjust the available settings to your preference. Below the Beauty icon, you will find the selection of numbered Filters. Last but not least, don’t forget to use the TikTok timer. It’s especially helpful, for it helps you create your videos without pressing down the record button non-stop. That’s exactly what assists the app users in creating their signature dancing vids.  

Explore the Nitty-Gritty of Recording TikTok Vids 

Whenever you’re ready, tap and hold the TikTok record button and take action. Keep in mind that even if you’ve recorded just a fraction of the intended video, you can always record the rest of it later to eventually fuse the whole thing together. 

Not very much into holding the record button all the time? The TikTok timer feature will allow you to position your gadget (and yourself in front of it) during the countdown before the automatic recording launches. Yes, it’s that easy and convenient.

Making Final Tweaks & Adding Video Captions 

After you’ve finished recording your TikTok video, feel free to add songs, stickers, and various filters to it, as well as carry out other enhancements to make your content even more engaging. Furthermore, you can even add text on top of your TikTok creation — that’s what we call freedom of choice. When you’re through, tap Next and switch to adding a caption, relevant tags, or references to other users. 

Furthermore, you can adjust privacy settings for the video, switch comments on or off, as well as regulate other users’ reactions. Once you’re done tweaking your video, you can choose to download it to your mobile phone’s gallery. Tap ‘Save to Album’ if that’s what you’d like to do. Alternatively, if you’re not ready to upload your vid yet, tap the Drafts button to get back to it later. 

Extra Tips: Making Video Duets and Participating in Challenges

Found a music video featuring your favorite song? How about joining the person who has created it? Use TikTok to make a duet video with that person. Just tap the Share button next to the video you want to duet with, then tap ‘Duet’, press record and sing along, have a blast dancing, or do whatever your heart desires to your favorite song. If you’re not interested in dueting with anyone, tap the ‘Duet/React Off’ button prior to uploading your video.

Similar to other social networks, on TikTok you will sometimes see videos with challenges. A challenge is when one of the TikTok users encourages you to film yourself engaging in something strange or funny e.g. pouring a bucket of freezing ice-cold water over your head. Of course, you won’t win anything if you participate in the TikTok challenges. However, hashtagging your video challenges might assist you in getting more followers or views. Therefore, it’s a smart promotion move as well.

Experimenting with TikTok: Engage & Entertain

Although now TikTok may seem very new and unfamiliar to you, pretty soon you will get to grips with how it works, for it’s practice that makes perfect. Whether you use TikTok as a platform to increase brand awareness or as a fun time-waster, make sure you engage in lots of experimentation, practice, and exploration. 

As you’re thinking over your first video ideas, find a few more tips on using TikTok below.

  • Enjoy zesting up your TikTok video creations with a variety of special effects available within the app in plenty.
  • Use your favorite songs in your video posts. If you’ve browsed your TikTok feed already, you’ve probably noticed that most videos have sound effects in the background. 
  • Let your sense of humor run wild when creating your TikTok videos. Most people use the app for fun, after all.
  • If you’re promoting a business on TikTok, research on other brands’ profiles, draw inspiration from their posts, implement the best practices, and create your own unique approach.

Feeling a bit more inspired to brush up on your TikTok skills now? Good for you! Always remember that Chill’N’Chat is the place where you will find the latest news about your favorite applications, as well as the best tips and hacks on how to use them. Have questions about TikTok? Ask them in the comment section below. Our experts will get back to you with answers asap.

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Advice on the New Snapchat: Master It in a Snap

It’s happened: the new Snapchat design is here, and it’s final – at least, until the next update. Despite all the hate towards it expressed by users, Snapchat will keep it. And we are to live with it, at least until the next big update (we will hate from the beginning and recollect the current one warmly).

Well, Snapchat has never been intuitive, and its users should never grow old – at least, mentally. Welcome to the anti-aging club, if you plan to use it after all the changes still. And we will help you keep up with all the changes made. Here comes the instruction on the revamped Snapchat.


Well, if you are interested in the new Snapchat, you must have dealt with the old version, and, probably, you have created an account already, haven’t you? Still, even if not, the first steps are always simple: download the app for your platform, create a profile with your phone and email (they won’t be exposed), make yourself a username and generate a password.  And this is the simplest part of it.
Later it will show you some video instructions. You can return to them. But we recommend you run Snapchat, read the following text, and follow the instruction in the app to see it IRL.

Home Screen Layout

As you launch the app, you will not see the home screen with contact lists and stuff we’re used to. Instead, you’ll be greeted with your own face through the front camera. No mistake: this is the central home screen. There are two more, though:

  • Friends Screen. To see it, swipe right.
  • Discover Screen. To see it, swipe right.

Yes, it’s the same mechanics that is now used in Facebook or Instagram. These apps aren’t so pic-oriented to put the camera first. But still, their developers get inspired by Snapchat… a bit.

To view yourself, tap your profile in the circle in the upper-left corner. The profile menu lets you access settings, scan your contacts to find other Snapchat users, or add new friends. Here you can also look trophies and snap points, but, to tell the truth, so far they give you nothing, so let’s nor focus on them.

Taking Pictures and Videos with Basic Enhancements

To make a snap, tap anywhere on the screen (with the front camera on) to focus, and then tap the button in the bottom to snap. But taking it is just a part of the process: the processing is the main part.

It’s swipe-based again. After you snap a pic, swipe left or right to apply various filters and borders or view them in full-screen preview. Now your pictures are meant to take the entire screen, so the control system is even more gesture-based.

Photo Editing

When you have taken a photo, you’ll see white buttons on its right side. They are responsible for all the effects we love about Snapchat. And now they get even closer than ever. Let’s review them all, from the top down.

  • Text (the T letter). It’s all about texts you add. Tap it, and then enter your text. You’ll be able to select the color and the font for it. But in order to drag it over the pic, you need to close the Text menu. You can also resize and rotate it with simple gestures.
  • Brush. It’s a drawing tool with various brushes, selectable colors, and thickness. Just like you have in Paint or online drawing tools.
  • Stickers. The one we love the most about Snapchat, with its incredible richness in various glamorous fonts, bright colors, and so on.

Heats and glasses, smiling faces and thumbs up, stars and balloons are here too, for you to color up your selfies or photos with friends. It also has the entire list of emoji.

The most popular ones are at the top, including current data – time, temperature (for beaches or mountains, equally impressive), MPH (it’s great for videos, in fact), or location. If you expected to find these among the filters, we understand: that was one of the reasons to protest. But treating them as stickers seems more rational.

There are also Bitmoji stickers available. To generate them, you’ll need a special app, available both for Android and iOS. Then you get your own set of 3D animated emoji, based on your own face. If you decide to change your style, it takes a minute to refresh the set with a new look.

  • URL. Well, just type the URL you want to link to your picture, and it will display.
  • Crop. It’s quite regular: crop the picture to remove unnecessary elements on the edges. It also lets you rotate the picture. You’ve probably seen the same tool in various picture editors.
  • Self-destruction timer. If you want to send this snap privately, it will define how long it will be viewable. After the time viewed expires, the photo gets deleted. The time can be set for up to 10 seconds, or left without the bomb.

As you see, the tools are quite convincing, and (what’s more important) they have what makes Snapchat a thing. The resulting photo can be saved to your gallery, or the vault named Memories (it holds the photos and videos you publish or those you mark). It doesn’t offer anything Gallery doesn’t offer too, though.

Sharing Photos

There are two ways of sharing photo you have made and edited in Snapchat. You can post it to your public story, where it will remain visible for 24 hours, or send directly to certain users. You can also send it to multiple users, selecting them the regular way you do in your OS.

Well, there may be photos shared with you by others, right? To view the incoming snaps, go to your “Friends” page. Now it contains both messages and stories, and that’s another innovation that users didn’t approve. In the earlier version, the stories of your friends could be found in “Discover” section. Mixing your friends with celebrities, it made you the unique feeling of being in. No wonder many users hold on to this experience of closeness to politicians, musicians, actors, bloggers they are subscribed to. It’s like being kicked out of the afterparty.


Well, it still just tap over your friend’s avatar to start the chat. Find the friend on your list, tap the name – and start the chat. The same way it’s done in any messenger, including, pardonne-moi, Skype.

By the way: there is also voice and video call feature that is accessed via phone and camera icons within the open chat. But Snapchat is not for using in such a plain way. So these features are just a nice-to-have-but-not-crucial option.


The most social thing about Snapchat is constantly in touch with various celebrities or just recommended (and advertised) people. Discover is the section meant for viewing public profiles. Along with stars, there are local events, recommended and advertised activities, and so on. It looks like the search tab on Instagram. Though a bit messy after the update, it’s still fun to read to spend a spare minute.

That’s why the app needs your location. It shows you the nearest events you might be interested in. But even if you aren’t, you can just watch your friends visit them.

AR Filters

While initially, SnapChat was about self-destructing messages, now its primary feature is AR-based filters. All those dog ears, cat noses, flowers, glasses, masks and backgrounds are compatible with front and rear cameras.

Just open the camera tab, look at yourself on the screen, then swipe horizontally on the screen (trying not to touch buttons) to view various filters in real-time. The filters change every day, and Snapchat has lots of them to avoid being repetitive. The most popular ones, though, come to stay.

Among the most demanded AR filters, one should name the Dog Ears, and, of course, Face Swap. Better than any rivals offer, this filter can swap the two faces in the camera, and they don’t even have to be both human.


And here comes (arguably) the most impressive tool in the current version of Snapchat. Scissors is the tool for making stickers out of someone’s pictures. You just need to crop an item out of the pic and transform it into a sticker. It turns out unexpectedly easy, and the quality is surprisingly decent. Then you just need to open the stickers menu and select the scissors tab, and access your stickers.


If you support Snapchat, its own support team does as well. You can find it as a contact in your friendlist, added by default, and can never remove. With it, you can ask questions or report issues with just a single message. And that’s the case when you can make use of the voice chat.

If you are getting confused about the new interface, and didn’t find the answer here, you can just contact the official support and ask your questions. And, of course, get your answers right when you need them.

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New updates for WhatsApp will allow users to hide annoying Status updates forever

The developers of one of the popular Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp announced a new feature that will hide the annoying Status updates forever. For now, it is available for testing only on the beta version 2.19.260 for Android devices. How will it affect users and when to wait for the release of the full version on all platforms? These are the questions that we raise in today's post.

Why are the Status updates so annoying?

A lot of users may, probably, say that they have already had the feature allowing them to hide the WhatsApp stories. So, here is the main pitfall. Do not confuse this with the upcoming feature of hiding muted Status from contacts. Soon we will explain the difference. If you put stories on other social media, you may notice all stories that you muted appeared grey in a separate segment in the bottom. For example, it happens on Snapchat and Instagram. To mute a Story in WhatsApp, you need to press on a three-dot menu sign. Then the application hides it in the Status tab that you can watch any time. For this, just tap on the arrow that expands the muted content.

So, the difference is that the forthcoming WhatsApp update will allow you to hide Stories from the contacts you have already muted. As a result, you do not see any more updates from the users you are not interested in. No gray icons and separate sections — they will just disappear.

When can users test the new feature?

People with their phones picture

A new portion of WhatsApp updates is available on the beta version 2.19.260 for Android devices. To download it, you need first to register and sign in Play Store as a tester, and then go to APK Mirror and download the updated WhatsApp there. But do not be surprised if you have already installed the beta and do not see the new hiding feature available for testing. The developers said it is an A/B test at present. It means that one group of people sees the updates, and another does not. Unfortunately, the developers didn’t give exact dates for the release of the new version of the application on all platforms.

What else to expect in the new WhatsApp?

There are a lot of rumors about new updates for WhatsApp. For example, it is suggested that in the near future, users will be able to use WhatsApp on a PC without connecting their mobile phone to the Internet. Other reports said about the implementation of alignment indicators for emojis, stickers, and texts on Status. But there are just the rumors! Share in the comments below, are you excited with the upcoming opportunity of hiding the stories away?

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Now You Can Delete Multiple Android Messages at Once!

If you have an Android mobile device, you are probably aware of a rather efficient and fast messaging application Android Messages you have installed by default. There are some smartphones with other software, but most of them still are equipped with this one. It allows you to send and receive messages in the form of MMS, SMS, and more. This application is constantly updated without human interference. But if you want, you can download it manually.

When you use Android Messages, you get a long conversation thread, and sometimes there is a reason for deleting some messages from it. The earlier releases of Android did not allow it. But version 4.7 provides you with the option of removing multiple messages at a time without much effort.

Deleting email

Step by step

We are going to tell you what should be done when you want just to delete some multiple messages while leaving the remained part. It is clear that in order to do it, you should have this app installed on your device and updated. Then you should:

  • Open the application and go to a chat thread containing the undesired messages.
  • Find the ones you would like to get rid of and press on a message holding for a short period of time. It will become highlighted.
  • Now tap as many messages as you want to remove.
  • Go to the menu bar which you will find at the top of the screen page and find a trash can icon.
  • Tap on it to delete the selected messages. Well done!

Everything you should know

Android Messages is intended to send SMS, MMS, and chat messages from your mobile device and deliver a range of useful options. But some obviously helpful and required features are still not accessible.

Thus, you have been suggested to delete multiple messages all at once just recently. We would not discuss the issue itself – why such a common feature was a long time coming. Now Android Messages delivers it, and you can benefit from such a convenient and simple option.

Please, leave your comments and share this article with your friends to help them cope with this feature

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Creating an Account in IMO App without a Phone Number

IMO app is similar to WhatsApp messaging app that will make your text messaging daily routine easier. The app allows you not only to exchange messages but also to make video or audio calls. All your respondents need is IMO app installed on their phone.

How does IMO work?

IMO app screenshot

The IMO app needs your phone number to verify the user account. Verification can be done both by phone and by text. No matter which way you choose, you are going to need a SIM card.

The only obvious question is what to do when you don’t want to provide the number. The good news is you don’t actually need to give your phone number to strangers anymore. There are not one but a few ways of skipping this verification by number. And we are going to discuss all of them here.

Follow our step-by-step instructions mentioned below and don’t forget to write down your impressions. Before we start! Pay attention that you can download the app for free from the official Google Play Store. If you have already downloaded it and passed the verification but want to remove your phone number, reset the app. Delete the app completely from your phone. Now download it again. It is completely free, so you don’t need to pay for anything.

Using TextNow for account verification

TextNow app screenshot

  • Download the third-party app TextNow to verify your account. Open it;
  • Create a phone number by using special instruction that appears on your screen;
  • Now you can write down the phone number you have created or note it down by tapping on 3 lines at the corner of the screen;
  • Open IMO and sign up this phone number. Verify your account and start using the app.

Landline number for IMO verification

  • Go to the IMO app on your phone;
  • Now you may choose your country and the landline number;
  • The button Next appears, tap on it;
  • The first thing app will do is try to send SMS on your phone, but since it is a landline, and it can’t receive messages, the app will simply call you for a verification;
  • Note down the code you will be told during the call;
  • Go to IMO app and type down the code you received. That’s all. Verification is completed successfully.

After you complete setup

When you verified your number, you can start using the app. Use it to call your family and friends or just chat with them. If you have already tried the app, share your honest opinion with us in the comments. Whether you like using it or not, share your experience with us. There is only one condition! Be polite to other people, even if your opinions are different.

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