Up to 16 users in a group video call - now it’s possible with Snapchat

Snapchat introduces a new feature. Now you can create the group video calls with up to sixteen people and talk with each other simultaneously. This is the best opportunity to gather all your friends wearing cool masks and vomiting with a rainbow in one conversation.

Group video calling was developed “to feel less like texting and more like hanging out”, as it is written in the Snapchat blog post.

To start with a new feature, you should create a group or enter an already existing. Then tap for a live group video chat or press the icon with a voice call. This way, the members will get their invitations to the conversation.

After your friends joined the chat, you will get an alert. You can join both with video or just voice. When the conversation starts, all the Snapchat functions become available. So you can imply the face or world lenses.

As always you can wear different masks like puppy dog ears, a face of a gorilla, Batman’s mask or anything that suits chat’s spirit. Or merely modify the world around you: brighten it with a rainbow or turn it into a magic kingdom.

Introducing a new group video chat feature is one of the Snapchat innovations added over the past few months. Among them are Map Explore, Bitmoji customization, Giphy integration, Story mentions, and custom face lenses. All these updates focus on attracting new users and extending opportunities for the experienced Snapchatters.

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