Up to 16 users in a group video call - now it’s possible with Snapchat

Snapchat introduces a new feature. Now you can create the group video calls with up to sixteen people and talk with each other simultaneously. This is the best opportunity to gather all your friends wearing cool masks and vomiting with a rainbow in one conversation.

Group video calling was developed “to feel less like texting and more like hanging out”, as it is written in the Snapchat blog post.

To start with a new feature, you should create a group or enter an already existing. Then tap for a live group video chat or press the icon with a voice call. This way, the members will get their invitations to the conversation.

After your friends joined the chat, you will get an alert. You can join both with video or just voice. When the conversation starts, all the Snapchat functions become available. So you can imply the face or world lenses.

As always you can wear different masks like puppy dog ears, a face of a gorilla, Batman’s mask or anything that suits chat’s spirit. Or merely modify the world around you: brighten it with a rainbow or turn it into a magic kingdom.

Introducing a new group video chat feature is one of the Snapchat innovations added over the past few months. Among them are Map Explore, Bitmoji customization, Giphy integration, Story mentions, and custom face lenses. All these updates focus on attracting new users and extending opportunities for the experienced Snapchatters.

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Cool WhatsApp hacks everybody needs to know

One billion users send and receive messages with WhatsApp every day! All of them carry over 55 billion messages daily. Apparently, WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging apps in the world. It is mostly preferred in Malaysia, Germany, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico. Worth noting that in some countries it is even #1 source of news for its users.

Sending texts, making voice and video calls, delivering images and videos are only an apparent WhatsApp potential. Using it daily, you may have noticed some of its hidden hacks. With their help, you can make your smartphone even smarter. Follow the next tips and tricks and turn your phone into a more productive piece of tech. We decided to divide them into three groups for your convenience.

1. Useful hacks.

  • Use Whatsapp with no hands

This trick is needed when you’re busy, and manual text entry is impossible. Or sometimes you’re just too bored to type. All you need to do is just say “Hey Siri” or “Ok Google”. Then you can dictate the message you want to send, and your virtual assistant will take care of it. Apple users have one more cool benefit — Siri can read their latest unread messages as well.

  • Listen to voice messages unnoticeably

There are so many situations when you get a voice message, and you just can’t listen to it. You can be either in an office or a public place without headphones, and high level of impatient curiosity is provided. Well, no suffering anymore! The next time you’re caught in such kind of situation, you take the phone to your ear. Then the built-in-speaker is activated and it would let you hear the note like you’re on a call. Wow!

  • Disable saving photos from WhatsApp to the gallery

WhatsApp usually saves images from your messaging to the phone gallery. But necessity is somewhat controversial. Later, when you face loads of useless photos in the gallery, you’ll wish to clear the space. And you become obsessed with disabling this ‘useful’ feature. In Settings> Security select Photos and disable saving photos. No more unwanted files in your gallery!

  • Find out all your chat statistics

If you are interested in the statistics of your communication, use the program WhatStat. It will show you the most popular interlocutors, your habits, the number of messages, the most "productive" time of the day and so on. Statistics from WhatsApp are displayed in the form of graphs here; the interface is intuitive and straightforward.

  • Swipe right to quote messages

Everybody has friends who send you 20 notes in a minute. And half of these messages are questions. How to avoid more confusion in such chats? Swipe right on the message you want to reply to and WhatsApp will let you quote it, giving you the reference point you need. It helps you respond to an individual text. It’s an option to select the messages you’d like to reply and ignore the other unnecessary stuff.

  • Mark prioritised messages with stars

Sometimes it is difficult to find an old message with valuable information in it. To avoid such situation, better mark meaningful messages with a star and then quickly find them whenever you need it. Go to Settings and select Starred Messages to refresh your memory.

2. Privacy hacks.

  • Hide your status and stay incognito

The status "was online" shows when you opened WhatsApp the last time. If you want to stay secret or even hide from someone, then this feature can be turned off. Possibly, you want to hide from your 80-years old aunt who wants to invite you to spend a weekend together, or maybe you are just tired of seeing the recent photos of friend’s dog. This option exactly what you always needed. For iPhone users, everything is a piece of cake. Open Settings> Chat settings> Advanced and disable "Last time online".

On Android, everything is a bit complicated; you can not turn off the service from the program itself. To do this, you will have to use programs like "Hide WhatsApp Status". This program will turn off Wi-Fi and mobile Internet when you open WhatsApp. When you minimize the program, the data transfer resumes and all WhatsApp data is synchronized, and outgoing messages are sent to the server.

  • Protect your profile picture

Anyone who gets your phone number can see your WhatsApp profile picture Not a pleasant thing indeed. To protect your security and save your appearance in secret, you can change some settings. You need to do:

  1. Settings > Account > Privacy

  2. Change your setting from Everybody to My Contacts

If you don’t want somebody you know to see your display picture, simply use this hack.

  • Deleting messages on WhatsApp

“Hey, dude! What are your plans for this weekend?” - Accidentally you sent that to your boss. To avoid misunderstanding and not to spend your rest days with the boss, just make sure your chief won’t get the message. To make everything right, hold down the message, and select Delete For Everyone. Warning: you can only use this feature within seven minutes of sending a message. This action, of course, is not full proof. There are few third-party apps such as social notification history, that can reincarnate deleted messages and make them visible for your addressee.

  • Hiding a chat on WhatsApp

Some conversations are not welcome in your recent messages, the reasons for it may vary. Maybe you don’t want your girlfriend to find out, that you are chatting with your ex or your friends’ chat group draw your attention away from preparing for exams. There’s a way just not to see a particular chat for a while. And you do not have to delete it forever. To hide a conversation, swipe right on it and press the ‘Archive’ option that shows up. You can later locate this chat quickly by just going back to your Archived messages. To move the contact back to your recent chats requires unarchiving or merely sending the person a message.

3. Creative hacks.

  • Make different fonts on WhatsApp

It is a neat trick, that helps you to convey the tone of your message. Here’s how to start using different fonts:

  1. Bold: Enter your text between two asterisks (*).

  2. Italics: Enter your text between two underscores (_).

  3. Typewriter: Enter your text between ` ` ` on either side. To find this symbol, press down on the single inverted comma and pick the last symbol on the left.

  4. Strikethrough: Enter text between two tildes (~).

Make your friends surprised and feel yourself more creative just writing your WhatsApp messages.

  • Use WhatsApp to convert videos into GIFs

No need to use any other tools to convert your videos to GIFs as long as you have WhatsApp. Just follow the instruction below:

  1. Go to any chat to send a video.

  2. When the needed on is selected from your library, it will be opened the video-editing window.

  3. Now you can crop the video length to five seconds and switch then the icon on the right from video to GIF.

  • Add effects to your images

In WhatsApp, you can change pictures by adding text, emojis or scribbling on them before you send them to somebody. To do it follow the next steps:

  1. Open a chat, send a picture, select the needed from your gallery, and the editing window will open up.

  2. Use effects and image editing tools from the list.

This hack is also helpful when you want to pinpoint something in the screenshot by circling or underlining it.

  • Creating your notes on the app

Keep writing notes to yourself, or jot down ideas for later even in WhatsApp. First, make a group with somebody. Then remove the person from the group, this is how you will become its sole member. You can post notes, pictures of something you’d like to remember or any recording on the group. Thus, everything you need to get back to is in a protected place, and you don’t have to keep switching between different apps.

WhatsApp has a sufficient quantity of hacks that are worth learning. And it is also updating all the time. Don’t miss new cool hacks and tricks and use it with pleasure.  


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Sharing Video Outside Snapchat: Now Possible!

Snapchat is an image messaging and multimedia mobile app with an audience that is limited to young people owing to its sophisticated interface. This is one of the major reasons behind others preferring Instagram over Snapchat.

However, there will soon be an update which is sure to make Snapchat all the more enticing. The app on 6th February 2018 announced that it is going to allow the sharing of its public content across other social media platforms. It means one will be able to share the content outside the app. Once this update rolls out, the users will be able to share the links of their own videos or other videos from the app on different social media platforms. Once clicked, these link will open the video on a player that will be hosted on the website of Snapchat.

Hopefully, the new feature will elevate the experience of using the Snapchat app by several notches and help it bag more users. Currently, both Facebook and Instagram allow the sharing of content outside their apps. The same can be verified by the fact that one gets to see more Instagram photos online as compared to the Snapchat screenshots. 

Once the Snapchat app will make this feature available for others, it will join the league of other apps and services which are in the business of what is popularly called ‘Viral Videos.’
Though the feature may attract plenty more users towards the app, it could compromise on its uniqueness which is ‘self-erasability.’ Addressing to the same issue, the company mentioned that the outside link will be treated in the same way as public videos inside the app. These outside videos will be erased automatically after few weeks (in case if the users don’t delete them on their own). Official Stories from either public figures or celebrities will remain visible for the span of 24 hours.

Though initially, Snapchat has not included any advertising in videos shared on different social platforms, it has also not ruled out this possibility. As of the now, the feature is available for users who have redesigned the Snapchat app. It will soon be available for others.

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WhatsApp Drops Support for BlackBerry & Windows Phone

WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging app and living without it is easier said than done. However, if you have a phone that is powered by BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10, and Windows 8.0, it’s time to either imagine a life without WhatsApp or consider upgrading your phone. This is so because WhatsApp is now no longer supporting these operating systems owing to the fact that quite a small number of people are using them. 

Other than the aforementioned operating systems and smartphones, the instant messaging app has also indicated other operating systems that will lose the support next. In this category, there is Nokia S40 which won’t see any WhatsApp from December 31, 2018. Next in the line are phones or smart devices that are still on Android 2.3.7. These mobile devices have until February 1, 2020. People who have devices powered by these operating systems can neither create new WhatsApp accounts nor re-verify their existing ones. The app’s continuation to work on these older operating systems is just a buffer for their users to upgrade. 

WhatsApp is Just an Upgrade Away

It is quite interesting to note that approximately 99.6% of new smartphones are powered by Android and iOS. Also, 9 out of every 10 smartphones have Android as their operating systems. As per the insights and facts, one can see that phones and devices that are supported by Windows and BlackBerry hardly stand a chance to breathe in the market let alone getting support from some of the widely used apps.

And this is not the first time that WhatsApp has announced such a step. It has previously stopped the support for Android 2.3.3, iOS 6, Windows 7 Phone, and phones that are powered by Nokia Symbian S60.

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Our Top 10 Mobile Messaging Apps Right Now

Emailing and calling have become a thing of the past, or so it seems, with instant messaging apps taking over as the primary means of staying connected quickly and at no cost. There are not only used to send and receive text messages, but also images, videos, audio files, documents, and business cards. But, with hundreds of mobile messaging apps available online, how can you choose the best of the best? Here's a list of the 10 most popularly used messaging apps around the world.

1. WhatsApp

A name known around the world, WhatsApp is by far, the best messaging app to have on your device. It allows users to send and receive texts, make voice and video calls, share images and videos, send documents, and more, to any part of the world - for free. Its end-to-end encryption makes it incredibly safe to use and since the app offers cross-platform use, it works well on Android, iOS, and Windows as well as MacOS and Windows PC’s.

2. Viber

With a catchphrase that reads “Connect. Freely”, Viber delivers a unique connectivity process that encourages users to always stay connected. The app is compatible with multiple platforms including Mac, Windows, and Linux PC systems along with Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones and tablets. Viber is relatively easier to use as compared to its competitors and brings creative stickers for making your chats more personal. The app also allows high-quality calls locally and internationally.

3. LINE Mobile Messaging

Whether it's messaging or calling, LINE offers one of the best and most creative experiences available online. It brings a completely new feel to the otherwise ordinary messaging world. Users can chat one-on-one or create groups to chat with multiple people simultaneously. It even allows free domestic and international voice and video calls. The app holds a large number of stickers, themes, and games to make every conversation stand out. With LINE Out, purchases can be made to unlock premium items. The app is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, and MacOS.

4. Snapchat

Offering the most unique messaging experience, Snapchat stands out as one of the most popular apps online. Although it doesn't bring the conventional text messaging, it does let you send and receive multimedia messages. Every image that is shared instantly disappears within a few seconds. The content that can be shared include images, videos, and come with a number of filters and effects to make every conversation even more memorable. The app is compatible with devices running Android and iOS.

5. Google Hangouts

Previously known as Google Talk, Hangouts is freely available for everyone with a Google account. The app lets you message and call friends and family for free - both locally and internationally. You can either choose to have a one-on-one conversation or create groups of up to 100 people for messaging and up to 10 people for calls. You can even share images, media content, stickers, GIFs, emojis, and more.

6. Voxer

Voxer is an easy to use push-to-talk app that works like a walkie-talkie. It lets users share quick voice messages and listen to them as and when you choose. The voice message is either played through the device's speakers or is saved like a voicemail. Users can also send text and photos with high-quality encryption and security. The app works well on all cellular networks and Wi-Fi networks. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices including Apple Watch and Samsung's Gear S2.

7. HeyTell

Another push-to-talk app is HeyTell which encourages users to send instant voice messages to other users. It is extremely easy to use with a “Hold and Speak” button that is used to click and speak into. Recipients receive a push notification when a voice message comes in. There is no need to sign in or create an account and is compatible with all platforms including iOS and Android. It is free to use but does come with in-app purchases for premium items.

8. Telegram

Using a cloud-based platform, Telegram lets users send and receive secure messages to any part of the world. Messages can be sent from all devices simultaneously. Users can send and receive messages, images, videos, and other files and documents. Create groups of up to 5000 people and share your memories with all your friends and family. The app doesn't have any calling features and specializes in messages only. The app is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux platforms.

9. Talkatone

Featuring an intuitive design and UI, Talkatone is a useful communications app that offers users with free text messages, free calls and a phone number that can be utilized for free via the app. Available on both Android and iOS platforms, this app comes with a simplified design that is similar to a normal mobile UI. Make calls and send text messages by simply tapping your phone book and swiping through your contacts to make calls and take calls. Sending SMS is similar to a normal phone and can be accessed by clicking on the SMS tab on your phone, which would automatically open the Talkatone app. The app gives users with free minutes to call every month, only to Canadian and US numbers.

10. Silent Phone

Silent Phone is a uniquely designed, encrypted calling and messaging service that is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Transfer files including PDF, doc, MOV, JPG and PNG files, send voice memos, voicemails, and experience high quality, secured conference calls with up to 6 people, that includes video calls, and communicate with people all over the world. Thanks to its high-level security and privacy the Silent Phone app is ideal for multinational companies, businesses as well as for government utilization. The app also comes with an auto-destruct feature that “burns” texts messages from one minute to three months.

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